New Projects

2015-04-25 15:02:41 by Yumisekai

After 2 years of "branching out", I have evolved. I no longer am just a music producer focused on Dubstep and DnB. I have become a variety of professions, more specifically a music producer focused on experimenting with Metal, Dubstep and DnB, a programmer learning JavaScript, C, C++, Haskell and x86 Assembly, and the founder of Yandere Studios, an indie game dev studio that focuses on cyberpunk and psychological horror.

For that reason, my activity is going to be switched to a new account,

Expect new awesome things.

I realize I haven't published my songs for a long while.
I want to let you know that I haven't stopped making music!

It's been very busy because I have a lot of goals to pursue. From those goals I'm focusing on game design and music. My samples' folder has so many songs they could be used in a game soundtrack!

That's right! My friend and I are going to start a flash game studio and we're focusing on anime-style productions. It's going to take a long time because we're just 2 dudes with a lot to work on such as a website, forum, sketching, drawing, music production, writing plots and coding.

Slowly but surely we're going to show news!